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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life's Work

In a dusty stack of notebooks, folders, binders, sketch pads and notes scribbled on scraps of paper, reaching up to my thigh, exists my life’s work. It doesn’t look like much. It’s not in any particular order or catalogued in any way. Within the weathered, yellowing pages lie great things; things of magic, spirituality, healing, nature, miracles and mysteries. Twenty years of study, research and experience in a pile on my living room floor: A pile that has survived every move, every trip across country, every huge life event of my entire adulthood. 

Somewhere in that conglomeration lies my schooling as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, as a Reiki Master and all the notes from every class taken in metaphysics and Eastern philosophies. It also holds my thoughts, my dreams, my fears, my failures, my memories and my prayers. 

There are other people’s stories in there too; like the client who came to me with back pain that didn’t respond to any physical treatment, only for us to learn he had a parasitic alligator spirit attached to his back! 

There are always surprises when you open yourself up to the invisible realms of this life. Once a miracle has been witnessed, it cannot be unseen. Once a demon’s breath has been felt on your skin, there is no turning back to non-belief. It’s all there, all the parts to many, many good pieces that I must write. I was compelled to write it all down, keep it all and wait until the time was right, until I was ready; until the world was ready to listen. 

Now, it is time I dive in and find each and every gem buried in that dust, polish it and bring it out to be seen. There is a scent on the air, a hint that winter is coming and bringing with it a great deal of snow. What better time to surround myself with words and the past, while creating a future? 

With much work, luck, prayers and support, I hope to make a living with this weirdly curious brain and love of words with which I was blessed. I encourage you to embrace the gifts you were given and follow your dreams as is about damn time we stop being cogs for the system and become the beacons of light we are meant to be.

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