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Saturday, November 24, 2012

In bed with the dead.

There are lots of different types of spirits and beings that cross through to our world. In my experience very few of them are dead people. Most people at death are smart enough to cross over and go where they are meant to be, where exactly that is I will not pretend to understand.

However some do stay here for whatever reason. They normally don't bother anyone, just hang around waiting for someone to notice them. Sometimes they are just the image of themselves, no consciousness at all, just repeating the same actions over and over. Basically just a nuisance to those who can see them. My only problem with dead people is that they always look so dead.

My first up close and personal experience with a ghost was in college. I was living in an old house with several other girls,  I had the only downstairs bedroom to myself. One day I decided to rearrange my room and I moved the bed into an alcove with windows to get more light. It seemed like a safe and harmless thing to do. Late that night I went to sleep in my bed as usual, the only difference being the placement.

I awoke in the night unable to move, the full weight of a grown man laying on top of me. Dead weight. I could not shift out from under him or free myself. In sheer panic I tried to figure out what was going on. Being the only room on the first floor I thought maybe a drunk had wandered in and passed out on me. I pushed and wiggled and then it happened. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I saw his face. His dead, blue face.

The rush of adrenaline gave me the strength to push him to the side and roll off the bed. I stood staring as his dead white eyes rolled up to the ceiling, the scene changed. It wasn't my bed, it was smaller. He had a belt around his arm and a needle in his vein. It was the same room, but different. Then it all just faded away.

I moved the bed back where it had been that morning. I did not sleep. I don't think I told anyone about it because I was petrified inside. Instinctively I knew I had witnessed the death of someone in that house but I had never had that kind of experience before. And the feeling of being trapped under a dead body will never fade, I can feel it now while I write this.

When I paid the rent the next time I asked the woman who worked for the landlord if anything had happened in that house. She said that many years ago a young man had died of a heroin overdose. Very matter of fact, it was probably 20 or more years earlier. No big deal.

Yeah, no big deal, unless you are me and you end up in bed with him. This sent my mind on a trek of why me? Why would I see this now? What's the point? What do they want?

Unfortunately for that young man's spirit I didn't figure it out for a few years. I believe in his case he was trapped because he had been too drugged up to follow the light. Now, if I were to run into him, I would know what to do. I would help him get to the other side, reconnect him with his Guides to help him.

Not too long ago I drove through a poor girl who had been killed in a hit and run a few months earlier in that spot on the road. She appeared to be repeating the scene up to the point of the accident. I saw her walk across the street and then go back to pick up something she dropped, a bracelet or necklace, as she bent to pick it up she disappeared and started again. Like a tape loop. I did not leave her there, I will never leave one stuck again if I have a choice.

This is not a tutorial, I am not going to teach you how to help spirits, I don't feel I am qualified. I was Spirit taught, it is hard to share that with others. But prayer and Angels are always a good way to go when faced with spirits of any kind. I do not encourage people to go looking for ghosts or to try and call them. Ghosts don't come to calls, but other sorts of things will. Things you DO NOT want to invite into your reality. Trust me.

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