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Friday, November 9, 2012


I survived the biopsy. I still feel like I was kicked in the nether regions with a pointy-toed boot, but getting better. It doesn't affect all women quite that badly, I just happen to have a very sensitive cervix. I mentioned that to the doctor as she was starting to adventure about and she said, "I can tell."

What?! How can you tell?! Is it dancing around in there dodging your efforts to poke at it?! I mean, if it can do that I think I really need to know.

Unfortunately the pain and surprise caught me before I could ask what my cervix was up to.

The results will be in from the lab early next week. She said it didn't look like anything I should lose sleep over. But hell, now I am up all night wondering what that damn cervix might be doing while I'm not paying attention. Like I didn't have enough on my mind already.

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I work full time as a Traffic Director for a group of six radio stations. It is a fun and challenging job that keeps me on my toes most of the time. (It is the placement of commercials not directing traffic on the street) I also get to voice some commercial spots which is a fun side of the job. As with any job it has it's stresses and I am not immune to them. Any stress can trigger pmdd symptoms and I take careful measures to keep that from happening. I can't afford to have a meltdown, especially at work when everyone is depending on me to keep it together. Not to mention that job is the only thing between my son and I and the street. Breadwinner, that's me.

To take care of myself I give myself a little time in the morning to enjoy a cup of tea and read articles after my son gets on the bus and before I leave for work. That 20 or 30 minutes of quiet sets my mood for the day. Rushing off to work starts the adrenaline going before I even get in my office chair.

Then nearly every day I come home at lunch to take a nap. 20 or 30 minutes of sleep is enough for the body to clear the cortisol and adrenaline from the stress of the morning. It also allows the mind to process the information giving me a fresh perspective and better creativity for my afternoon responsibilities. Plus it helps me from being tired and cranky after work when I spend the evenings with my son.

The other crucial factor is going to bed early. Nothing I can do helps my symptoms more than getting enough sleep. I average about 10 hours a night in addition to the naps. I know that doesn't sound normal to most people but it really is how much sleep I need to be the clear headed optimist I need to be to survive successfully.

We all do what we've got to do to get by. It's better than free basing kittens or main lining crude oil.

*yawn* and with that I should get myself ready for bed.  If my dancing cervix will let me, that is.

p.s. the gyno doc loved the t-shirt.

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  1. Yes it boggles the mind that most GYN docs think CUTTING A PIECE OF YOUR CERVIX OUT won't hurt. Yes it is quick, but damn!!! If you told a man you would just cut a small chunk out of his penis.......yeah. I was sore after too, though the valium I had been given was a wonderfull blessing. Reike Reike Reike. You know what to do lady. Love you, and your cervix :)