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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh, Brother

So my older brother, who happens to know that I am almost 40 and was married for a very long time made me promise him that my son was a miracle and all I know about sex is what I have seen in the movies the other day. Yeah, I humored him. Then after wiping away the tears of laughter I decided to do one more thing for my big bro and his sanity. Coin the term NSFB. Not Safe For Brother.

From this point forward when I feel like talking about sex I am going to slap a big NSFB on that post title and then he, and other people in my life who have a 'brotherly' type relationship with me can avoid the content and move right along, whistling and thinking about baseball or knitting or whatever.

I happen to very much enjoy the subject and will be thinking of ways to use that NSFB ASAP.

However I am very grateful for my brother and his friendship so I will protect him as best I can. We didn't really get to know each other well until I was out west and married. Big age difference and we didn't live together full time, just holidays and summers. Then he joined the military when I was 11 or 12 and was out of the country for most of my teens. As adults we talk frequently and visit every couple years. We have a lot in common and I enjoy his sense of humor immensely. He has helped me a lot more than he knows just by listening and being a good person. Not to mention a terrific role model and uncle for my boy.

Some of my happiest memories of childhood are when my brother stayed in the summers. We would run wild and crazy, barefoot and dirty until 10 o'clock. Riding bikes, playing badminton, chasing fireflies. Eating home made ice cream on the porch at our grandma's house. Drive-in movies with the family. Camping, canoeing, oh the fun we had. Hell even his repeated attempts to drown me in the river over the years are fond memories now.

One summer I fell from the swing set at my grandma's and broke my arm. It was quite obviously broken, so much so that my mom fainted in the yard when she saw it. That was when my big brother swooped in and went from the kid I followed around and got punched by to my hero. He got a pillow and put it under my arm and held my arm and stayed with me all the way to the hospital, until I was treated and casted. He was brave and sweet and all of a sudden seemed all grown up. I don't know how I would have survived that scary day without him.

Aw, man, now he is going to know I like him. Uh...I was talking about my other older brother that was there on the other holidays and joined the other military branch, yeah, that's it.  And the other time I broke my other arm at my other grandma's.


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